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Now Offering Custom Braces

What is the Benefit of Bracing? 

Imagine a sunny Saturday morning playing ball with your furry friend at the park. The park visit gets cut short when your dog twists his knee, yelps and stops putting weight on his leg. You follow up with your veterinarian who confirms a CCL tear and suggest surgery. Due to cost, chronic health issues or age, surgery is not an option. As a diligent dog parent you stumble upon braces for CCL tears. 
Pawsitive Results PT makes custom braces which are molded to your dog in person. The benefits include:

 -Early weight bearing
- Improved limb use
 -Muscle atrophy prevention
 -Increased joint stability
 -Decreased swelling
 -Decreased pain 

Most bracing companies that claim to offer custom canine bracing don't actually mold the brace to your dog. They rely on casting the leg and molding the brace based on the imprint from the cast via mail order. This is a time consuming and error prone process which can take weeks to deliver your dog's brace.  Pawsitive Results PT will  make the brace onsite in real time, forming it to your dog, adjusting and adapting the fit. This ensures a true custom fit from day one. An in-person follow up with Pawsitive Results PT also will assess and correct any issues immediately. Our competitively priced onsite custom bracing process guarantees a great fit without the wait. 

Our bracing package includes: 

-On site custom bracing/splinting
-One in person follow up to assess for and adjust for fit or break in issues
-A comprehensive rehabilitation plan you can work on with your dog in the comfort of your home

Our onsite cost effective brace and treatment plan is the only multidimensional treatment approach on the market 

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